Who We Are


UDAAN, a not-for-profit organisation, was registered as a Public Charitable Trust on March 14, 2001, with the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai under section 18 of the Bombay Public Trust Act [1950]. In more than two decades, the organization has continuously strived to provide basic health facilities to all marginalized and vulnerable groups infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and those who are in need of care, support, treatment, and protection, including migrants and vulnerable children.

The journey of UDAAN amply justifies its name with committed engagement with the marginalized and excluded communities and a right-based approach to ensure stigma-free comprehensive care and support services. Informally, UDAAN was shaped in 1992 by a small group of committed individuals concerned about health rights and empowerment of those who are marginalized and are most vulnerable and the risk groups, including orphans and vulnerable children. From the beginning, the focus of the community-based organization was on a strong social inclusion and equitable service delivery perspective, given the growing influence that the PLHIV was having in shaping the National AIDS Control Programme. The organisation decided to focus on empowering PLHIV, particularly individuals from socially stigmatized communities to access inclusive treatment and care services available at different layers of the health system in Maharashtra. 


With a modest beginning, the flight of Udaan has covered a long distance in the years that have gone by. Today, we are raising critical issues and concerns of people living with HIV and attempting to mainstream the excluded communities by advocating and facilitating the process of inclusion, be it in the service delivery mechanism or in other social benefits guaranteed by our Constitution as basic human rights. With our headquarters in Mumbai, UDAAN is implementing various Care and Support and targeted intervention projects and strengthening partnerships with like-minded CBOs in Pune, Raigad, and Thane districts. Even tailor-made projects are in place to focus services to the neediest communities. UDAAN is relentlessly working towards improving the quality of life of PLHIV in Maharashtra.

Our Vision

A society where vulnerable communities have equal opportunities to live a life free from stigma and discrimination enjoying their just human rights and dignity.

Our Mision

Undertaking collective action through policy advocacy and capacity building to ensure a dignified life for the neediest and marginalized.


Udaan believes in collective action through policy advocacy to normalise any epidemic, supporting a range of service delivery to the neediest communities.

Legal Status

Udaan Trust is a public trust, registered on March 14, 2001, and is governed by Section 18 of the Bombay Public Trust Act [1950].

Udaan Trust has all statutory compliance (all renewed) in place including 12AA, 80G, PAN, TAN, PTRC, and Certificate to obtain CSR support. All audit reports are filed and are in place.